How to protect your hair in summer while respecting the environment

Summer is the most difficult season for our hair: sea, frequent washing and use of the hair dryer are a stress therefore it is important to follow a beauty routine that keeps them soft and healthy longer


The summer season, long awaited for the heat, the sea and the long-awaited holidays, is the most difficult season for our hair, which is subject to greater stress that affects the autumn effluvium. Often in the autumn, about our hair, we ask questions and make statements like:

  • Why do I have oily hair?
  • Every day I have to shampoo …;
  • Why do I have dry and brittle hair?
  • I have to change my cut …;
  • Why do I have to give my hair more volume?
  • My hair is too fine …;
  • Why doesn’t my hair grow like it used to?
  • • Why do I have much less hair than when I was young?

Real problems that we face every year and that we can reduce by starting to take care of our hair already in the summer, with natural products that respect the balance of the hair and the environment.

As the heat and sweating increase, the hair needs to be washed more often. The first precaution is to choose a less aggressive shampoo. Although in winter we have oily, greasy and shiny (non-shiny) hair, in summer the production of sebum decreases and the hair tends to become drier. The normal increase in washing will help us to remove the little excess fat left so we should not use a too “degreasing” shampoo as in winter but a more delicate one.

The “most delicate” does not only concern the surfactants that make up the washing base of the shampoo but above all the active ingredients that cleanse and protect the scalp and hair. Ironically, those with oily hair in the summer, and especially if they are at the beach, could easily use a shampoo for dry hair because the heat, the salt and the wind will have already completely removed the excess sebum from the scalp and hair.

Greater washing results in greater mechanical stress: more hairdryer, comb, brush and plate. In this case it is good to protect the hair especially from the heat of the hairdryer and the straightener. A little trick is to use a good mask to be applied after shampooing.

The mask must be able to replace the conditioner for combing the hair and must have active ingredients that allow it to be fortified by the bulb. For naturally treated hair, it is good to choose products based on extracts of walnut husk, eruca sativa and vine, which also have a filming power and make the hair easy to comb and shiny.

Chlorine from swimming pools and salt also make hair extremely dry and dull, so it is important to rinse it with fresh water after swimming in the sea or in the pool and protecting it before swimming. There are many oils on the market to protect hair from excess sun, from swimming in the sea and from swimming in the pool. In this case, it is preferable to use exclusively vegetable oils that have a less devastating impact when they are released from the marine ecosystem or into aquifers.

For an eco-sustainable choice we advise you to avoid oils containing silicones. If it is volatile silicones, they will evaporate with increasing temperature and will not protect the hair too much. In the case of thinking silicones, however, they will float for a while on the surface of the sea until the so-called “scavenger fish” have cleaned up the sea. Using natural products therefore means not only better protecting ourselves but also the environment.

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