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SmartGreen Post is a blog on environmental issues, from climate change to recycling. You will find lots of news from all around the world and you will always be informed about green economy and new technologies. You can also find advices for a more ecofriendly and healthy lifestyle and for a sustainable tourism.

SmartGreen Post is part of a bigger Green project that includes SmartRicicla, an application for separate collection and recycling available in Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Canada and United States. You can download the app on Play Store, for more information visit the website www.smartricicla.com.

SmartGreen Post is a small contribution to the preservation of our planet, because all of us should act to prevent the catastrophe, everyone in his own small way, with simple but effective actions.


Mario Telesca
Mario Telesca
Computer scientist, sensitive to environmental issues, he has carried out various green projects including SmartRicicla, the app for separate collection. He has always been looking for the perfect union between science and art.

Executive Editor

Marisa Silvestri
Translator and interpreter (IT, EN, DE, FR, ES), she graduated in languages in Italy and in journalism at the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen. She wrote for German newspapers, worked as a multilingual copywriter for advertising agencies, collaborated with important publishing houses and with companies in the renewable energy sector. The 15 years of life abroad, in environmentally sustainable countries, such as Switzerland and Germany, shaped her green nature.

Editorial Board

Pierluigi Argoneto
Graduated as mechanical engineer, has a PhD in production engineering. He is professor of the “Communication and Enhancement of Science” course, addressed to PhD students of the University of Basilicata, and teaches Innovation Management at the homonymous master at the University of Turin. He is a consultant for innovation, technology transfer, territorial development, both for private sector and PA. He reads, however less than he would like, and writes with the only purpose of putting thoughts in order.
Silvia Benati
Consultant and chief operating officer of a service cooperative for business internationalisation. After graduating in International and Diplomatic Sciences and in Economics at the University of Bologna, she works in Switzerland as Product and Project Manager. She realises the importance of involving Italian companies in large-scale projects and of easy financing to encourage their implementation. Then she decides to return home and make her skills of coordination and project creativity available to Italian SMEs in order to help them grow their business abroad. Specialised in the export of the agri-food chain, a key sector of Made in Italy, she is convinced that sustainability is an important driver of growth in foreign markets, and that we can all benefit from more environmentally friendly production, processing and sales techniques.
Maria Giuseppina Ferrulli
Archaeologist specialist in late ancient and medieval archeology and teacher of letters.
Serena Gallanti
After a BSc in Chemistry in the University of Pisa, I have completed a Master and a PhD in physical and analytical chemistry in Sorbonne Université, Paris to develop green synthesis route of prepare photovoltaic materials. My background in electrochemistry has allowed to use my knowledge in the in the field of the Li-ion batteries applied to the electric vehicles. In the free-time I am a volunteer for Zero Waste Paris, sharing with the people how to switch the everyday life habits to low impact solutions.
Ingrid Leka
Ingrid Leka is an asset consultant who helps women in their financial journey with clear and simple language. In her book “La madre di Cappuccetto Rosso era una stronza” she talks about financial concepts through fairy tales. She is very interested in sustainability issues and is committed every day to ensure that her 3 children grow up in a more equitable world represented by both genders. To learn more ingridleka.it
Giuseppe Lupo
Giuseppe Lupo was born in Southern Italy, in the region Basilicata (Atella, 1963) and lives in Lombardy, where he teaches contemporary Italian literature at the Catholic University of Milan and Brescia. For the Marsilio publishing house, after his debut with L’americano di Celenne (2000), he published Ballo ad Agropinto (2004), La carovana Zanardelli (2008), L’ultima sposa di Palmira (2011), Viaggiatori di nuvole (2013), Atlante immaginario (2014), L’albero di stanze (2015) and Gli anni del nostro incanto (2017; Premio Viareggio Rèpaci). He is the author of numerous essays and contributes to the cultural pages of important Italian newspapers such as Sole 24 Ore and Avvenire.
Maria Concetta Rizzo
I’m a chartered accountant and specialized in tax and corporate consultancy for profit companies and third sector entities, innovative start-ups and with a social vocation, social enterprises and benefit companies. In particular, I strongly believe in the role that companies play today in ensuring a more ethical and sustainable world for future generations and I am committed to spreading the business model of benefit companies as a new corporate philosophy that places the person at the centre of the economy. Coordinator and speaker at conferences for ODCEC Milan and UGDCEC Milan, but not only, on issues related to Benefit Societies, Social Enterprises, Business Networks, Start-ups and innovative SMEs, Sustainability and Culture.
Claudio Ventura
He has always cultivated a passion for nature and the environment. Thanks to the degree in business administration he was able to specialize and further deepen the concepts of circular economy and industrial ecology. Its goal is to share as much as possible the knowledge necessary to spread the culture of sustainable development.

Scientific Board

Maria Castellaneta
PhD student in “Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences” at the University of Basilicata. The research activity aims to assessing and monitoring the forest vulnerability and its capacity of recovery after the occurrence of extreme climatic events in order to provide informations needed to safeguard the forest systems.
Michele Colangelo
PhD at Pyrenean Institute of Ecology (IPE-CSIC, Zaragoza – Spain), and at the School of Agricultural, Forest, Food and Environmental Sciences, University of Basilicata, Potenza, Italy. His activities are focused on the study of the vulnerability of Mediterranean forests to climate change.
Rosa Coluzzi
She is an Earth Observation researcher (PhD) at the Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis of the National Research Council (IMAA-CNR). She is mainly interested in the study of landscape patterns and the characterization of phenomena and/or processes of the earth’s surface. Her main work has been done in the processing of multisensor and multitemporal optical data (satellite and aerial), production of land-cover cartography and measures of ecological parameters from remote sensors. Her keywords: Environmental Engineer; Data Analyst; Life Lover; Visual Thinker.
Vito Imbrenda
He has a degree in engineering for the environment and the territory and a PhD in environmental engineering. He is currently a researcher at the Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis of the National Research Council (IMAA-CNR). His activities focus on the study of complex phenomena involving land cover and its transformations (land degradation, urban expansion, climate change, etc.) through the use of Earth observation techniques. An atypical engineer, he is interested not only in ecological and environmental issues but also in suggestions from the world of studia humanitatis.
Maria Lanfredi
Maria Lanfredi is a researcher at the Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis of the National Research Council IMAA-CNR since 1997. She deals with the development of methodologies for the analysis of Earth Observation data in the study of land cover dynamics and interactions between ecosystems and environment in a climate change scenario. In particular, her interests concern the use of a mechanical-statistical approach to analyze satellite time series for the study of the dynamics of photosynthetic activity.
Maria Carmela Padula
Nutritionist Biologist and researcher, she carries out her activity in the province of Potenza after a course of high training in the nutritional field and after having obtained the Master in “Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition”.
Fanny Petermann-Rocha
Fanny is a Chilean-Swiss researcher and PhD with a wide international experience and background in Public Health, ageing, and lifestyle topics. She has published or collaborated on more than 150 scientific manuscripts (h-index=23; more than 2000 citations). Additionally, as she recognised that leadership is essential for tomorrow’s future public health leaders, since 2016 she has been the deputy director of the international research consortium ELHOC (Epidemiology of Lifestyle and Health Outcomes in Chile). Currently, she is a full time academic at ‘Universidad Diego Portales’, in Chile.
Francesco Ripullone
Francesco Ripullone
Francesco Ripullone is Associate Professor at the School of Agricultural, Forestry, Food and Environmental Sciences of the University of Basilicata, where he holds the chair of the course of Ecology and Dasometry. He is deputy coordinator and Erasmus contact for the degree course in Forest and Environmental Sciences. Prof. Ripullone carries out his research in the field of forest ecology, studying the effects of climate change and natural and anthropogenic disturbing factors on forest ecosystems. He is responsible for several research projects to study the possibilities of forest decline and mortality in the Mediterranean environment. He is the author of about 50 publications in international and national journals, he covers roles in the Editorial Committee of important international journals.
Angelo Rosiello
Geologist, specialized in fluid geochemistry in volcanic and non-volcanic areas, specialist degree from the University of Perugia, in Geological Resources and Risks. I worked in the field of environmental monitoring of the underground waters of the Umbria region and took part in the volcanic surveillance works of the Campi Flegrei in collaboration with the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology. Winner of a PhD scholarship, with a project focused on the issue of terrestrial CO2 degassing.
Maria Floriana Spatola
PhD student in “Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences”, at the University of Basilicata. The research activity aims to monitoring wildfires through satellite imagery and their field data validation, in order to assessing forest communities pre- and post-fire condition.


Aurora Chiara Cortese
Student of Forest and Environmental Sciences at the University of Basilicata. I have always had a strong sensitivity towards environmental issues, questioning myself about the relationship between man and nature and how this has changed over time leading to disastrous and sometimes irreversible consequences, which are there for all to see. I believe that loving the Earth and respecting it is a duty towards life and everyone, in their own small way, can do their part. I dream of a world of environmental sustainability and social equality.
Alberto Iuzzolino
Passionate about environmental issues, he carried out environmental education activities in schools in the Basilicata Region as part of the Legambiente Basilicata separate collection education project.
Gaia Lamperti
Gaia is a freelance photojournalist passionate about travel, human rights and environmental issues. After studying and working in the U.S. and Australia, she graduated in Italian Literature at University of Milan and completed a master degree in International Journalism at City University of London.
Claudia Lippi
Environmental Guide and Hiker specialized in Ecosustainable Sailing & Trekking. She has volunteered for Sea Turtle Rescue Centers that have turned her life upside down.
Maria Cristina Mastrangelo
I was born in Puglia. Here I graduated in Literature and I attended a Masters in Journalism. I am a curious and passionate person, empathetic and courageous. I write a lot, I read a lot. I am in love with journalism, the real one, which goes beyond the surface. I have many questions that I want to answer and exploring the world of communication in all its forms has always seemed to me the best way to satisfy my desire to know.
Carlotta Roda
Carlotta Roda
Carlotta is a freelance photographer who graduated from the IED in Milan in 2021. She began to take an interest in this world at the age of thirteen, only to choose a few years later to turn her passion into a job. Her interest is mainly based on light pollution and astronomy, two opposing but related themes from a photographic point of view: the more one prevails, the less the other stands out.
Katia Sepe
Forestry and Environmental Sciences Student at the University of Basilicata. My interests aim to analyze and evaluate the forest role, the management of the anthropic actions in order to increase their values and the dissemination of knowledge about the forest sector with the purpose of rediscovering its relevance for people and vegetation ecosystem.
Amato Spatola
Graduating in “Management Engineering – Economics and Management of Technology” at the La Sapienza University of Rome. His studies have a multidisciplinary approach from industrial management, innovation and a strong interest in the environment and sustainable development. An inveterate worshiper of Apennine life.
Danilo Travascia
Master’s degree in “Forest and Environmental Sciences” at the University of Basilicata. His interest is aimed at the study and analysis of environments of particular naturalistic value, specifically forests as a fundamental tool for combating climate change, sustainable development and the enhancement of places.

Art Director & Graphic Designer

Stefano Pallitto
Industrial Designer and Graphic Designer specialized after a long experience in the British multinational corporation Virgin Active in marketing and communication campaigns, defining their own brand identity and corporate design for small and medium-sized enterprises for over 15 years.

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