‘NeuroGlow’ is born, for an increasingly green beauty to connect body and mind

Ecofriendly processing such as Plant Milking and neuroactive ingredients, which improve the epidermis and emotional well-being, but above all great care for the environment. Consumers will be even more sensitive to the sustainability of cosmetics, which must be effective, of high quality and made with totally transparent production processes.


Cleanical, meaning clean with clinically proven efficacy, Skinimalism, fewer but multifunctional products, and Epidermal Rewilding, which helps maintain a healthy and toned skin microbiome. These will be some of the 2024 beauty trends for an increasingly green and global beauty that unites skin, mind and spirit.

This is indicated by NATRUE, the Brussels-based international non-profit association that has been promoting and protecting authentic natural and organic cosmetics since 2007. According to NATRUE, the new year will bring a consolidation of the shift from conventional to natural, organic and certified cosmetics.

There are many beauty trends for the new year, including NeuroGlow, a form of neurocosmetics based on a holistic approach that exploits the interconnection between body and mind. This is possible thanks to a beauty routine that goes in search of psychophysical well-being by incorporating sensory and aromatherapy experiences to achieve healthier, fresher and brighter skin while improving anxiety and stress.

On the processing front, 2024 will see the emergence of Plant Milking. This is a gentle and sustainable method of extracting active ingredients that preserves plants by allowing the same biomass to be used for subsequent harvests, thus following a recycling principle.

New also for the formulations focusing on protection, to help the skin resist the numerous attacks to which it is subjected on a daily basis: from UV rays, to fine dust pollution and the blue light emitted by the bright screens of PCs, tablets and smartphones, which promotes the formation of free radicals. In terms of the ingredients used, next year’s spotlight will be on algae, microalgae and ashwagandha, the queen of Ayurvedic herbs, particularly prized for its intense antioxidant action.

The beauty industry will also be influenced by artificial intelligence, which will enable the creation of personalised beauty experiences based on individual preferences, genetics, environment and different lifestyles. AI will make skin analysis and the ability to provide advice easier and more immediate. In addition, the use of AI will help companies develop innovative cosmetics in terms of efficacy, quality and sustainability.

The natural cosmetics industry is being called upon to make increasingly responsible choices that will affect tomorrow’s economy and environment,” says Mark Smith, NATRUE General Manager. “Climate change is affecting all sectors, which is why we believe that the trend of preferring natural, certified organic cosmetics that started in 2020 will continue to grow in 2024. We are all called upon to reduce our ecological footprint, and consumers can do this by choosing natural, organic and certified cosmetics. The advice is to always check for certification marks, such as NATRUE, which attest to their authenticity, curbing the ever-present phenomenon of greenwashing’.

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