SmartGreen Post is one year old: a gift for all our readers

This wonderful adventure started a year ago. Today to celebrate our birthday we want to give you a magazine where you will find many articles and insights


A year has passed since that April 4, 2019 in which SmartGreen Post went online for the first time. We are set off on a new and exciting journey with a small luggage made of only 15 items and a lot of good will. The path has not always been simple, long the path we encountered obstacles that we have bravely faced, but also many friends who they shared a piece of road with us.

I think of those who contacted us with his green idea and those who followed us with passion every day. It is for you that we have created this magazine, a special that tells our story through the most interesting articles we have published, the insights, the photos. A small gift that we want to give to our readers on our birthday.

Even the editorial staff has been enriched with time to come meet your interests and offer you information increasingly complete and engaging. Today I can count on a well-assorted team that includes several collaborators. Someone you already know, someone else will join us in the coming weeks. Mine goes to them first thanks because, despite having other commitments professional, they manage with sagacity to research and propose news that can arouse readers’ curiosity.

In every article, in every post on social networks we put passion and commitment and results go far beyond expectations. This growth is primarily due to the founder by SmartGreen Post, Mario Telesca, who have made available his skills and his strength to publish the blog regularly. I want to thank him for believing in me and have entrusted me with the project, which today has become for me great reason for pride.

Finally a sincere and gratitudeful thanks to all those readers who continue to follow us every day with love. Your trust has allowed us to grow day after day and get great satisfaction. By now you are many to follow us, to support us, to read us and this pushes us to continue with renewed enthusiasm.

Finally, I would like to remind you that today’s is not a milestone, but only a small step towards more milestones ambitious. Our goal, in fact, is to offer a service more and more complete and punctual to our readers, who daily they repay us with their affection.

Only together can we continue to grow and do something important for the environment.

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