Coronavirus, stay at home but not without nature: online excursions

For those who love nature, staying at home means above all not being able to feed on the beauty of our natural landscapes, the wet and wild smell of the woods, the rough and primordial feeling of the hand on a tree


Getting lost in nature for many of us will be one of the first wishes to be fulfilled, as soon as the emergency has returned and we can return to the coveted normalcy. It will be a great conquest and a real victory to be able to ring our steps along the rugged mountain paths, breathe the light of the sun among the thick branches and be caressed by the long shadows of the trees.

In the meantime, we must activate our resilience, in order to keep our spirit in shape and not lose contact with what is beautiful around us. In a few days there will be a period of celebration that has always meant company, family and, above all, going out and traveling. Since it will not be possible to move from our homes and the only alternative is to turn to the power of the virtual to get out of our narrow spaces, we can try to move in our magnificent places through the screen of our devices. So let’s go!

We will have the opportunity to know the magical treasures of the Lucano Apennine National Park, through a simple click, in a video that leads us to the most suggestive and fascinating corners of the park. We will fall in love with the herons chasing each other on the Lake of Pietra del Pertusillo, we will admire the abbey of Sant’Angelo al Monte Raparo in a cave dug by time, we will appreciate the rugged walls of the ravine of the Alli di Viggiano torrent and still many surprises to be savored with eyes and soul.

We can go into the Majella National Park through the Path of the Spirit to reach all the hermitages set and kept in the Majella and Morrone massifs. A virtual walk through the woods, the peaks and the rivers of a place steeped in spirituality.

A further stop is the Gran Sasso, a place very popular with mountaineers, who climb the big horn and the small horn along the hundreds of climbing routes, and by hikers who walk the paths of Campo Imperatore, the largest plateau in central Italy. But they have also always been the places of pastoralism and transhumance; along these streets traced over the centuries there are wonderful medieval villages, imposing castles and abbeys.

Between torrent rivers and wooded mountains, a new jewel is hidden in the hinterland of Calabria: the Orsomarso mountains of the Pollino Park. Place of hermits and Basilian monks, it is an area with a long history and unspoiled nature full of pleasant surprises.

For those who want to enjoy a sensory journey in the parks of Abruzzo, mixing the enchanting views of the mountains, streams and pastures with the sounds of nature and pleasant accompanying music, we recommend watching the video The Silence of the Park. It is a documentary in which the enchanting nature, shaped by man, of the largest protected areas of the Abruzzo Region is represented, in particular the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, the Maiella National Park, the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, the Sirente-Velino Regional Park. The photography is by Guido Paradisi, directed by Luciano Paradisi. The sound theme that guides the short film is a poem, in English, in a spiritual style, written by Ekaterina Kniazeva, author of the music, sung by the soprano Lucia Diaferio and the baritone Paolo Candido, with the performance of the Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory of Foggia, directed by Maestro Benedetto Montebello.

There are still many stages to discover! Our journey continues …

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