Green holidays, Vuela launches sustainable glamping in Peru

A precious opportunity to experience the most authentic country, guests of local families who will guide you to discover unique and iconic places


Traveling sustainable does not only mean respecting the environment and natural landscapes but also knowing the culture of the places you visit and the life of the local population. Vuela, a tour operator specializing in voyages of discovery in Central and South America, offers a new way of traveling in Peru, in the name of sustainability but with the atmosphere and charm of glamping.

This is the opportunity to enrich one of the travel itineraries in the South American country with an overnight stay in the Andes, guests of local families and in comfortable mobile tents. A sustainable glamping, which allows guests to share time with the locals, living their daily lives and dedicating themselves to activities that highlight the culture and traditions of the places. All in the incomparable context of the Peruvian Andes, which offer unforgettable landscapes and fascinating views.

Vuela’s experience of sustainable glamping can be experienced in the vicinity of Cuzco, famous for its colonial architecture, and Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas.

The well-kept structures, clean energy, organic and exclusively local food reveal the love for this land and its people, together with the commitment to the conservation of the planet. The opportunity to stay overnight in a sustainable campsite is valid for all the tours in Peru offered by the South American tour operator.

Tour Jewels of Peru and Bolivia, Peru Adventure in the Amazon and the Mysteries of Machu Picchu and Tours to discover Peru are just some of the many dedicated itineraries that Vuela proposes, within which it is therefore possible to take advantage of this unique cultural experience.

There are three glampings, each of which combines breathtaking views with experiences tailored for visitors. They are all directly managed by local families:

An hour and twenty from Cusco, Glamping Misminay offers an extraordinary panorama that combines cultivated fields and snow-capped peaks. María and Mario Mayhua will guide travelers to discover wonderful places and will amaze them with tasty typical dishes. From the campsite, a thirty minute walk takes guests to one of the most surprising and unknown views of the country, the famous Circular Terraces of Moray.

Glamping Huilloc, two hours from Cuzco, is a leap into the past, which allows total immersion in traditional Andean culture against the backdrop of an unforgettable sunset. Francisca, Juan and their three children are ready to welcome travelers to make them participate in their daily activities, not far from the camp there are also the archaeological remains of Aya Orqo and Pumamarca.

An hour from Cuzco, at the Glamping Viacha, you wake up with the high Andean breeze, the radiant sun and the good morning of thirty alpacas living there. Julian is an expert in medicinal plants and will be happy to reveal their secrets to guests, guiding them along the paths full of vegetation.

The three glampings offer comfortable mobile camps, located in the best places to fully enjoy the beauty of the place, they are all equipped with heating, spring mattress, duvet, fleece blankets, alpaca blankets, bedside table, cushions and table and are complemented by objects typical of the Andes. The bathrooms are furnished and cared for with modern finishes and served by solar panels. The dining rooms, which may vary in size and details, are those of the family houses, which decide to open their doors to welcome the guests of the glamping.

To complete the experience and make it even more sustainable, various activities are planned in the company of the locals: cooking lessons, to discover the Peruvian flavors in a fairytale place, language theater, to have fun with the gestures and the mimicry of the local actors and again, lessons with the local children, charged from an early age with loving and defending their own culture, for an exchange that enriches both guests and them. But it is also possible to learn the age-old Andean art of weaving or learn the secrets of agriculture, an integral part of Peruvian culture.

Those who want a more spiritual approach can attend a typical Andean ceremony, to experience the deep contact of this people with the earth, the mother of all living beings; finally, there is the possibility to try your hand at preparing the adobe, the typical brick, made of hay and mud, used by local populations for the construction of houses.

Families are also available to accompany visitors on pleasant walks: from Glamping Misminay you can reach the belvedere (1 hour) and the archaeological site of Moray (4 hours); for the more enterprising, from Glamping Huilloc, it is possible to venture among steep paths and spectacular views to discover the archaeological sites in the surroundings (5 hours); Finally, thanks to the expert guide of the premises, guests can start from the Glamping Viacha to discover Pisac, with its architectural wonders and incredible terraces, and the nearby village which houses a famous market (2 hours) or enjoy a walk inside the lagoon (4 hours).

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