Treedom: one and a half million trees planted worldwide in ten years

Treedom crosses an important milestone and relaunches with the Christmas campaign "The Greatest Gift": with a click you can give a tree remotely and safely


With the baobab planted in Kenya, Treedom, the Italian platform that allows you to plant and give trees remotely and follow their history online, as part of environmental and social sustainability projects, crosses the milestone of one and a half million trees planted in the world in ten years of activity.

A cocoa in Cameroon, a coffee tree in Guatemala, a mango in Kenya: these are just some of the trees planted by the platform born in Florence that can be given to anyone, with an e-mail or a simple message, in complete safety and from any device, thanks to the new The Greatest Gift campaign dedicated to Christmas 2020.

“We have already planted 1 million 500 thousand trees, but this is just the beginning and this year we want to give the planet the greatest gift, involving people from all over the world to plant new trees and make their own Christmas gifts”. Thus Federico Garcea, 39, founder of Treedom, to comment on the launch of the Christmas campaign “The Greatest Gift”, literally “the greatest gift”.

“Our belief – Garcea explained – is that the value of a gift does not lie in its size, cost or exclusivity, but in the value it represents for people and for the entire planet. With Treedom it is possible to plant a tree and give it to anyone with an email or a simple message. And we believe that this is the greatest gift for those who receive it and for the whole planet ”.

By connecting to the site, it is possible to choose between different species of trees, each with its own meaning, the benefits it is able to bring and the country in which it will be planted as part of one of the agroforestry projects that Treedom carries out throughout the world.

The trees are planted and cared for by local farming communities who will plant them along with their annual crops, such as corn or beans. Thanks to fruit trees, they have the opportunity to diversify their sources of food supply and potential income. In addition, trees are planted that are able to shade, protect crops from the wind, retain and enrich the soil with their roots.

Each tree has its own page on, through which you can know its exact position, see its photo when it is planted on the ground, the amount of carbon dioxide it will absorb and follow the history of the project it will give life to over time. Founded in Florence in 2010, after its success in Italy, Treedom is now conquering the European public as well.

“When I founded Treedom they gave me crazy, today I dream of planting 2 million trees by 2021. I really want to make the planet greener and in the meantime, this Christmas, give it the greatest gift together with many, many people”.

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