Electric cars: a new graphene battery charging in 15 seconds

Skeleton and KIT are developing a new graphene battery charging in 15 seconds


Electric is the future of the car but, before this technology can establish itself on a large scale, there are still some small knots to be solved. One of these is related to battery life and charging times, which may soon no longer be a problem thanks to the new graphene battery that recharges in 15 seconds.

Skeleton Technologies, the global leader in graphene-based ultracapacitor energy storage, has partnered with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, one of the largest research and educational institutions in Germany, to complete the development of the SuperBattery, a groundbreaking graphene battery with a 15-second charging time.

This extra fast charging time coupled with charging cycles counted in hundreds of thousands make the SuperBattery a perfect solution for the three main issues affecting electric vehicles: slow charging times, battery degradation, and range anxiety.

The key differentiator for the SuperBattery is Skeleton’s patented Curved Graphene carbon material, enabling the high power and long lifetime of ultracapacitors to be applied in a graphene battery. Ultracapacitors are increasingly emerging as the ideal complementary technology to lithium-ion batteries, as also shown by Tesla’s acquisition of ultracapacitor manufacturer Maxwell Technologies in the hopes of improving batteries used in Tesla’s electric vehicles.

“The SuperBattery is a game changer for the automotive industry. Together with Li-ion batteries, they have it all: high energy and power density, long lifetime, and 15-second charging time”, Skeleton Technologies’ CEO Taavi Madiberk comments.

The SuperBattery has already garnered a lot of attention in the automotive and transportation sectors. Recently, Skeleton Technologies signed a 1 bn EUR Letter of Intent with a leading automotive OEM to bring the technology to the market.

The development of Curved Graphene has been supported by EIT InnoEnergy, the innovation engine for sustainable energy across Europe which is also the first backer of Northvolt, the Swedish battery manufacturer.

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