Slow tourism: traveling with emotions

From January 31 to February 2, "Itinerando" will take place in Padua, the first experiential and sustainable tourism fair


From 31 January to 2 February the event “Itinerando” in Padua, Italy, will tell a new travel concept: rediscover the pleasure of adventure, the aesthetic enjoyment of the landscape and the relaxing rhythm of slow savoring en plein-air. It is a tourism that combines natural beauty and the discoveries of food and wine, without neglecting a careful investigation of the territory and of the varied regional peculiarities.

The godmother of the event, Licia Colò, will inaugurate the fair on Saturday 1 February at 12, at the end of the talk “The journey is life”. And there will be many talks during the days: an opportunity for discussion and proposal in which to share the different travel experiences at a slow pace.

During the fair, four sections will be taken into consideration, dedicated to the different types of itinerary: “CamperExperience” is the sector of travel by camper and camping; “BoatExperience” is aimed at nautical and underwater tourism; “BikeTravel” offers ideas for the emerging cycling tourism; “Destinations”, on the other hand, has as its subject the slow-moving naturalistic-cultural itineraries and the agritourisms.

The proposed destinations are alternatives and almost unknown to mass tourism and, above all, provide for the possibility of reaching uncontaminated places far from normal road and highway routes.

The space dedicated to tourist trains is also of great importance: the FS Italiane Foundation will make known the itineraries to be done on historic trains along the most spectacular Italian railway lines. A way to discover the regional customs and traditions, the recipes of local cuisine and ancient crafts, from the stuffers of chairs to the manufacturers of slippers. The tourist train is a sector that is becoming increasingly important and 2020 will be the National Year of the tourist train for Italy.

Exceptional guest will be the envoy of “Striscia la notizia” and acrobat of the two wheels, Vittorio Brumotti, who on January 31 will be recognized among the stands, inviting operators to tell their travel proposals, transmitted directly on a led wall located in the center of the fair; Patrizio Roversi of “Turismi per caso”, on the other hand, will present some experiential tourism destinations during the day of February 1.

A meeting is scheduled with Sergio Davì, a professional skipper and expert seagoing ocean sailing expert, who will tell about his adventures and his latest venture that brought him from Palermo to New York.

The place of innovation is “Innovation Village”, a village open to startups, research centers and companies in which it will be possible to compare and create networking and business opportunities between established and emerging companies. The Village’s activity will end with the final of the Startup Award: the participating startups will present themselves in front of a jury of experts who will ultimately choose the best.

Experiential itineraries attract an ever increasing number of tourists: if until some time ago the choice of destinations was essentially linked to the possibility of knowing typical food and wine products, today the tastes of travelers are more oriented towards the search for adventure, the pleasure of discovering places off the beaten track, the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and culture on a sensorial level. The new tourist feels the need to be able to move around the world without restrictions: traveling by bike or camper van leaves open the possibility of changing course, of continually recreating the itinerary and unknowingly discovering hidden and unreported heritages on official tourism maps.

The pleasant sensation of those who, turning through the woods, suddenly find themselves in front of a rural church, a panoramic view of the valley or a mountain refuge are indescribable.

The tourism of tomorrow needs indefinite times, breaks, silences. Wandering aimlessly to find the world inside your soul.

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