The best electric and non-electric bikes to buy with the mobility bonus

Here are the models of classic and pedal-assisted bicycles to make the most of the bonus


The bicycle bonus created to encourage sustainable mobility in Italy has become law and provides that classic bicycles, electric bikes, scooters, hoverboards and segways can be purchased. The “mobility voucher” will be able to cover up to 60% of the expenses incurred for a maximum of 500 euros, it is for adults of majority residence in Municipalities with a population of over 50,000 inhabitants and will have retroactive effect: in fact, those who have made purchases from 4 May will benefit from it 2020.

To obtain the contribution, just keep the invoice and upload it, as soon as it is online, on the web application of the Ministry of the Environment, also accessible from its institutional website. As an alternative to the refund procedure, once the application is operational, the mobility voucher can be used through a digital shopping voucher that the beneficiaries can generate on the web application, to be delivered to authorized suppliers, together with the balance at their expense, to collect your bicycle or scooter. These provisions will only remain in effect until December 31, 2020.

But in the meantime, let’s see what are the best purchase options for the bicycle sector, both classic and pedal-assisted.

iBike City Easy

We start from a model with a high quality / price ratio. The i-Bike City Easy is in fact proposed at around 700 euros and comes with a steel frame with suspension aluminum fork, a 6-speed Shimano gearbox, 26 “wheels, three assistance levels and an integrated padlock on the rear wheel Its weight also does not exceed 29 kg It integrates a 360 W / h lithium-ion battery and a 250W motor, almost an industry standard, sufficient to reach 25 km / h max. A truly smart and without too many pretensions to enter the world of pedal assisted bikes.

Nilox X5

Always remaining in the city bike field, the Nilox X5 is a really interesting model, also given its price around 800 euros. Its removable 36V 8Ah battery guarantees 55 km of pedal assistance, the maximum speed – provided by law – is always 25 km / h, possible thanks to the 36V and 250W motor. The Shimano gearbox is 6-speed while the brakes are V-shaped both at the front and at the rear. The total weight of this model stops at just 23 kg and can bear a load of 140 kg. It has a front LED light, 26 “wheels and an LED display useful for managing the three assistance variants.

i-Bike Brera

Completely made in Italy, the i-Bike Brera has 20-inch wheels, a folding frame and a particularly comfortable saddle. The rear motor is 250W with 12-magnet sensor, while the 3 different levels of pedal assistance allow you to tackle slopes of up to 10%. The 216wh battery recharges in 6 hours and allows 20 km of autonomy: finally the maximum capacity is 100kg, while the total weight of the bike is 22 kg. The price is around 550 euros.

E-Light 2.0

The E-Light 2.0 by F.lli Schiano looks less like a city bike and more like a real electric bike. It is an interesting product for the female world: the line of the frame is low and the wheels are 26 “, coupled which facilitates use for those who have a stature between 150 and 175 cm. The rear motor is 250W and allows a maximum speed of 25 km / h: the PHYLION Li-Ion 13.0AH 36V 481W lithium battery, housed under the luggage rack, allows you to reach the record distance of 80km with the ECO mode. The bike finally has an LCD display to show all the info of your travels. It is on the market for about 700 euros.

i-Bike Mud

If you want an electric bike without giving up the sportiness of mountain biking, then i-Bike Mud can be the right choice. Made in Italy, the Mud is fitted with 29-inch wheels: the difference is made by the suspension fork and the Shimano 21-speed gearbox. This electric bike has an autonomy of up to 60 km with a full charge of 6 hours, holds up to 150 kg and weighs 23 grams. Its price is around 1100 euros.

VanMoof S3 and X3

VanMoof S3 and X3, two sides of the same coin, practically the same both from the point of view of technology and of the colors proposed (ice gray or anthracite) but different in use and size: the first larger, with 28 “wheels and addressed to cyclists from 170 to 210 cm and the second more compact, with 24 ”wheels for heights from 155 to 200 cm. The improvements compared to the previous models mainly concern the adoption of a new 4-speed electronic automatic gearbox, the new small and silent 250-watt front hub motor (350 in the version for the US market) of the Turbo Boost function for an instant boost in times of difficulty and hydraulic disc brakes, both front and rear for more powerful and safer braking. Public prices for both models of 1998 euros.

Gocycle G3C

The new G3 is equipped with a 13.5 Ah battery with an autonomy of up to 80 km. The new G3 has a large central light integrated inside the handlebar for greater visibility in low light conditions. The handlebar dashboard has a more elegant look. The Gocycle G3 has a new level of control by the biker through the GocycleConnect app for smartphones with iOS and Android operating system, it is not necessary to ride the bike but allows you to customize the ebike according to your specific needs, such as changing quickly the assistance modes, set the maps and use the cursor on the graphs to control when you need assistance to the engine or when to use the pedaling, with a click you upload and the map is immediately loaded on the Gocycle. The new Gocycle has maintained a weight of 16.3 kg and will be available in 3 colors: White, Electric Blue and Matt Black and is available in the Base Pack, Commuter Pack, Commuter + Pack and Portable Pack format, prices starting from € 4,499.

Moving in the field of classic bicycles, we chose four models, two purely female and two more male:

Cinzia Promenade cycles

A city bike in full style with aluminum frame, six-speed gearbox and 28 “wheels, but with a slightly retro design reminiscent of walking bikes. The weight is only 15 kg. This is a basic bicycle, excellent for everyday city use, which combines alternative design to sports, often curved on the central body of the vehicle.

Elops 520 – B’Twin

An urban, economic, comfortable bicycle. Designed for the city, with wide and sliding wheels and not too thin 45mm tires that allow to better overcome the roughness of the asphalt. Practical, thanks to the front basket and the rear parcel rack (which can also house the special child seat). Suitable for women, thanks to specific geometries of the steel frame and a line with attention to detail, with 28-inch wheels and 6-speed gearbox. The front and rear lights are LED and project, respectively, a 30 and 150 meters deep beam for the benefit of safety. The price is around 250 euros.

Ortler Mainau

This bicycle is designed for a male audience and combines the passion for sport with the need to move comfortably in the city. In addition to the noble minimalist design it can boast a solid aluminum frame that guarantees low weight and high durability. Thanks to the variable stem and the ergonomic handlebar, the sitting position can be individually adjusted. The Ortler Mainau also convinces with a full range of reliable Shimano components, robust wheels and smart accessories such as the Shimano hub dynamo, the LED taillight or the Schwalbe puncture-proof tires. It costs around 550 euros.

FIXIE Inc. Floater Race 8S

Incredibly economical, a real FIXIE Inc .: The Floater Race with the classic racing handlebar is perfect for cyclists who prefer a true racing bike position even in the city. Equipped with a sturdy aluminum frame and an 8-speed gearbox, it can also count on low weight. It is found on the market at around 500 euros.

For those who need to load their bicycles on public transport, metro and city buses, there is the folding bike option. It can be both electric and non-electric and is certainly more practical and easy to handle when it comes to carrying around by hand. Very practical even if you want to take it with you on vacation: just fold it and load it in the car and you’re done.

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