Earth Hour, lights out for the Planet

With the slogan 'Speak Up For Nature', Earth Hour is celebrated today, the WWF global climate event that invites the citizens of the world to turn off the lights for an hour


With the slogan ‘Speak Up For Nature’, the 13th edition of the Earth Hour is celebrated today, March 27, the global event for the climate branded WWF that invites all citizens of the world to turn off the lights for an hour, from 20.30 , and to give a voice to nature. In addition to the lights of many houses, many public spaces and the greatest monuments of all countries of the world will also take part in this hour of darkness of great symbolic value. This year alongside the WWF for Earth Hour there are also many well-known faces from music, entertainment and social media.

On the Wwf social networks, the sustainability advice of green influencers

The page will host all the sustainability advice until Saturday, including some of the top Italian green influencers on their social channels. Luca Talotta, green influencer for sustainable mobility, will recommend some sustainable alternatives to cars to get around the city; Camilla Mendini, designer of sustainable fashion, will give us some practical advice to make our wardrobes more sustainable; Lisa Casali, historical testimonial of the organization, will tell us how to cook sustainably; Tessa Gelisio, green lifestyle influencer, will tell us some tricks to reduce plastic in our homes, and finally, Lucia Valentina Nonna, creator of the blog ‘A Sustainable Home’, will give us useful tips to learn how to live green. In these same days the WWF social networks are also telling the stories of the Earth Heroes, citizens who from all over the world have been able to make small extraordinary choices for the protection of nature.

For the Earth Hour the performances by Francesca Michielin and Eugenio in Via di Gioia

During the day of Saturday 27 March on all the web and social channels of WWF Italy it will be possible to follow the shutdowns from the symbolic places in the world thanks to photos and videos with the hashtags #EarthHour # Connect2Earth. But the event will go live around 19.30. In fact, the talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Francesca Michielin will announce the Earth Hour in Italy, who will dedicate some of her songs to the event, showing her closeness to environmental issues.

At 20.30 the lights will go out and to keep us company during this hour of darkness, live on the WWF social channels, will be the comic duo Lillo & Greg with a quiz dedicated to Earth Hour 2021. The evening ends on the WWF Italy Instagram profile with a live broadcast together with the boys of the young Turin band “Eugenio in Via di Gioia”: we will talk about environmental issues and the role that young people play today in building a better future for our planet. In Italy over 200 municipalities have joined Earth Hour, among these we remember the Municipality of Rome, Vatican City, Florence, Bergamo, Udine, Naples, Verona and Venice, which next Saturday will turn off the lights of some monuments and iconic places of the cities and historical centers.

At the Earth Hour the medal of the President of the Republic

Also this year at Earth Hour the Medal of the President of the Republic was significantly awarded in recognition of the value of the event. Earth Hour 2021 also had the patronage of the Senate of the Republic, the Chamber of Deputies, the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the ANCI – National Association of Italian Municipalities, with which an active collaboration has existed for years to promote membership. of the Municipalities.

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