Rome invests in sharing mobility: new fleets of electric scooters

The Italian capital focuses on sustainable mobility and announces the arrival of 16 thousand shared scooters and the construction of 150 km of cycle paths


After electric bicycles, shared electric scooters arrive in Rome. According to the mayor Virginia Raggi, they will be around 16 thousand throughout the city and they will be deployed in a short time to meet the needs of the post-coronavirus recovery.

“Rome wants to be the capital of sustainable sharing. What we are doing is flooding the city with shared media, because this pandemic has opened everyone’s eyes, and this crisis must be an opportunity to change – said the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi – We must focus quickly on mobility sustainable. Scooters help intermobility, they are not the most suitable means of moving from the extreme north to the south, but they are perfect for small trips, that first and last mile in which many choose the car “. Raggi recalled the initiative of the Capitol to start building the first 150 km of cycle paths “on which even scooters can go”.

Helbiz, already present in Rome with Greta pedal assisted bicycles, has also deployed its fleet of electric scooters. The fare is the same applied in all cities of Italy: 1 euro for the initial release + 0.15 euro per minute for the ride. Added to this is the possibility of using a flat rate – Helbiz UNLIMITED at a cost of 29.99 euros per month – which allows you to make an unlimited number of daily trips lasting 30 minutes (at least 20 minutes each from the other) and access to the service also by Telepass Pay with 30 minutes of free rides.

The area covered by Helbiz, in addition to the historic center, includes the Vatican and the districts of Parioli / Pinciano, Flaminio, Trieste, Nomentano / Università, San Lorenzo, San Giovanni, Rione Prati, Trionfale / Medaglie d’Oro, Portuense, Marco Polo , Garbatella / Ostiense, Tor Marancia / Montagnola, Ardeatino, San Paolo / Marconi and Prati della Vittoria. In addition to the supply of vehicles, all of the latest generation (Segway G30 Max), and the ordinary management of the Helbiz service, it will take care of the sanitization.

Dott also lands in the capital with 1,000 electric scooters. The fleet of Dott, the company communicates, fully responds to the needs of the post Covid19 company: scooters constantly controlled and sanitized by an internal team, followed and trained by our Ops team with solid experience gained in other European cities where Dott is already active. Scooters are rented via the app after registering. From the in-app map, search for the nearest vehicle, reach it, frame the QR code and start. Also from the app, the race ends, taking care to park the scooter inside the operating area and respecting the city spaces.

The standard rate of Dott is Pay per ride, (1 euro release + 0.19 cents per minute). There are also two types of packages: free unlock, 4.90 package: 100 free unlocks, valid for 7 days. Round trip, package of 4.99: unlocks and first 15 minutes included, valid for 2 trips, for 24 hours. The user can select the offer he prefers directly from the app. The recharging and maintenance operations are managed internally in a proprietary warehouse using only 100% green energy.

Lime and Bird will also arrive in Rome with 1,000 scooters each. The basic rate is 1 euro per release for both fleets and 25 cents per minute. Lime also has a package offer, the Lime Week Pass, which allows unlimited unlocks in 7 days, at a price of 2.99 euros. The “Monthly Passes” include free unlocking for 30-minute rides, with a price diversified according to the rides included: 8 rides for 19.99 euros, 25 for 44.99 euros, 50 for 79.99 euros and finally 100 rides for 149.99 euros, but the latter only for 3 months. Lime scooters will be available initially in the historic center and in the Esquilino and San Giovanni neighborhoods. The operational area will expand after 15 days, also involving the Parioli / Pinciano, Flaminio, Trieste, Nomentano / Università, San Lorenzo, Prati, Garbatella / Ostiense districts.

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