Traveling on the sofa: around the world with the Italian Sto Gran Tour

From Iceland to Japan, from Morocco to Senegal, a seven-day virtual tour that break down borders and crosses continents


The Covid-19 emergency is straining our lives and normalcy seems like an unexpected dream. It is necessary for our mind to be able to transform the passing time into something positive and exciting, which makes us feel alive and full of tranquility and hope. Because, even if today it seems distant, the moment will come when we can embrace our existences and return to enjoy nature and the world in absolute freedom.

The walls of the house can really become unbearable limits, but our mind must be stronger and be able to overcome stairs, gates, streets and buildings; there is no boundary for our imagination and we can get to any place managing to keep a smile and enjoying moments of true wonder and peace.

And if we want we can also travel and go far. How? I make up a journey because, even if I don’t get up from the sofa, I can move with my thoughts and my imagination. This is the idea of ​​the Italian Travel BOOM Factory Sto Gran Tour, easily accessible on the website

The Travel Boom Factory is a laboratory in which the combination of creativity, travel and multimedia content creates an innovative and completely renewed formula of tourism: digital tourism. Starting from its travel plans and various expeditions, Sto Gran Tour creates video stories and documentaries with joyful and irreverent tones for large television stations and for the best web platforms. The trips are made strictly using slow means of transport – Tuk Tuk, bee, bicycles, but also 4×4 tents – which do not exceed 50 km per hour and which allow you to really observe the places you cross.

The goal is to create a perfect circle that starts from the screen and lands in reality, in which the user as a spectator also becomes the protagonist. Anyone who wishes can in fact leave and live the same unforgettable adventures watched on TV or on the web: joining crews, driving means of transport, camping in deserts and making decisions on the path to follow. The user transforms himself from a simple “follower” into a true actor of his own time and history.

For the present circumstance, Sto Gran Tour has decided to create virtual itineraries at zero cost to be used directly from home. Following the good rule of # iorestoacasa, through a simple registration that is activated by pressing the PARTS button, the viewer can decide to start a wonderful journey in 7 days, without moving in the least from the sofa. In fact, as the organizers say, the trip has no cost, but the sofa is the only thing to have!

From 16 to 22 March the itinerary is this: the first day we go to Iceland among volcanoes and deserts of ice, shark meat and waterfalls in an hour full of videos and stories; second stop is Japan from North to South between videos and 6 episodes of stories. On the third day we find ourselves directly in Sri Lanka, then on the other days in Namibia, Morocco and New Zealand, in the jungle of Burma and Mongolia until we finish the tour in Senegal.

Each day ends with a direct from the Italian lounges to share experiences, curiosities and emotions. Like real travel companions, you get to know each other and exchange sensations and thoughts, in a large virtual group of adventure lovers.

A great way to stay on the road respecting the rules and staying at home and an excellent solution to be in the company without having real contacts! Waiting to be able to go outside to breathe a new world, which will surely appear more vivid and truer, we can travel far and wide and with many friends thanks to digital tourism. You just have to register, prepare your suitcase of emotions and desires and wait for the departure.

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