Beyond any distance: ecotourism arrives at home with virtual tours

Ecotourism becomes virtual by canceling the distances imposed by the Coronavirus


Ecotourism is not over and tries to reach us at home through unusual ways, but still attractive and full of charm. There are various initiatives by sector employees that allow you to enjoy the enchanting spectacle that our world continues to give us, directly from the sofa at home. Waiting for better times, when we can finally get out of our homes and return to enjoy freely the flavor of nature, it can be a good idea to start seeing what you can visit without moving.

With the hashtag #mentreseiacasa the Grotte di Castellana have launched a virtual journey inside their caves on their social channels Facebook and Instagram, enriched with various information relating to history, geology and other curiosities. We could use this long time in our homes to discover new things, but also to start planning future freedom of movement. With all the anxieties of the moment, we must also be aware of the fact that the sun continues to shine and soon everything will go towards an improvement.

From Puglia, precisely from Foggia, the initiative of the Trawellit platform starts, which has decided to use the “virality” of social networks to show those who are at home the Italian cultural wealth, waiting to enjoy it fully live. With the #viralguidedtour hashtag, the platform is enriched with videos shot in front of monuments and historical places or inside museums to share Italian beauty beyond any physical limit, in the name of Italian art and identity. The idea has also been welcomed by other regions and cities such as Taranto, Bergamo, Cagliari, Milazzo, Ravenna and Bologna.

On the website relating to the parks of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano it is also possible to take virtual tours in the various parks. It will be a pleasure for the eyes to observe the green of the mountain pastures, the sharp and rocky peaks that retain the last shreds of snow, the horizon that extends beyond the last mountains, the beauty of the transparent waters of the lakes.

And in this life on stand-by we will also have the opportunity to take a walk towards the symbol of Genoa, the Lanterna, which with its 77 meters in height is the highest lighthouse in the Mediterranean and the second in Europe. With a 3d tour (click here) it will be possible to walk around the structure and enter inside to the top, with a wonderful breathtaking view of the sea and the city.

Even in the awareness that tasting in a full and real way certainly causes greater pleasure, while we are at home we could learn to make up our time by dedicating ourselves to natural and cultural places through a visual and guided use only by the imagination.

We are in a suspended time and normality seems very distant to us. Imagination, however, can help us foretaste tomorrow after moment and can prepare us for the amazement and wonder that we will feel as soon as our senses are affected by the light of late spring, by the pleasant sensation of being able to walk without fear of distances to be respected and without limits, in complete freedom. We exercise our thoughts in the art of patience and touching with the eyes; it will be a way to keep our time busy, but above all to be able to continue to live every moment in a serene and hopeful way, despite everything.

Nature is there, it is waiting for us! We will be back soon too.

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