New TV series: a motorhome trip through nature

Living and travelling in nature, in a simple way, without giving up freedom, are the themes of the new TV series by director Paolo Goglio.

© Tim Gouw on Pexels

It is a journey in a camper van starring Gianna, a mischievous “camper girl”, and with a crew on board made up of Leone, a cuddly dog, and Paolo Goglio, director and author of the new travelling television series, which will be broadcast by various television networks throughout Italy.

He is Leone, a cuddly dog, she is Gianna, an adolescent camper who is little more than twelve years old, and then there is the one who holds the steering wheel and the camera, Paolo Goglio, the author and performer of the new television series that will be distributed to the main independent TV networks and broadcasters.

A programme designed to bring a message of freedom, nature, carefree escapism and existential harmony.

The camper van

The motorhome is undoubtedly the vehicle of the moment, a sector, that of the plein-air, which is booming after the long period of lock-downs and restrictions still underway. The camper van is proving to be the best solution for maintaining social distances and autonomy of movement, ideal for families who move around and live together in a self-manageable space, avoiding excessive contact with common areas and above all amplifying the space that has been so lacking in this period.

While the living quarters are quite minimalist, the real protagonist is the environment, the possibility of being anywhere, sleeping in front of the sea under a starry sky, cooking and dining in an equipped rest area or on a free pitch.

The TV programme

Thanks to the contribution of a number of associations, Paolo Goglio has created this itinerant format, customising the camper van with the colours of the Amore con il Mondo flag, embellishing it with delicate, feminine stickers and dedicating it to the heartfelt memory of Gianni and Anna, his parents who were recently reunited in heaven. This is how Gianna, the first camper van, was born, combining their names in her locution.

“My father and mother loved travelling very much,” says Paolo Goglio. “He would take beautiful pictures and videos of excellent quality, she would note down everything they visited and create the travel reports from which they developed the plot and texts. I have turned my father’s passion into a professional activity that I have carried out for over 40 years, and now they will always travel with me, united not only in my emotional memory but above all in the firmament of stars that guide and direct me.”

© Paolo Goglio

The topics

The contents of the TV series will be a heterogeneous mix of sequences describing the life of a motorhome owner, with its various themes and unexpected events. The pleasure of driving, the possibility of living and dwelling anywhere, following the seasons and the weather/weather trend, even operational mobility thanks to smart-working, which today defines a new model of autonomy that is fundamental to one’s freedom. Paolo Goglio, expert author and interpreter of the beauty of the natural world, can thus combine his professional talent with a universal theatre, television studios transformed into a great global stage where authentic and immersive images can be collected.

The message

“My intention is to use technology and connectivity to bring a message of light, peace and love to the world. The more I am immersed in nature, the better I can experience it, listen to it and then report not only the images, but also those reflections, observations and considerations that I receive as gifts. There is a human knowledge, which is the traditional knowledge that we pass on through books, schools and libraries. And then there is a knowledge of another kind, implicit and intrinsic in every single form of life, from the grain of sand to the waves of the sea, from the clouds to the stars, in every leaf and every fruit, from the roots to the branches. When I walk through a forest, a prairie, a cliff or any natural space, I receive a wealth of information. I call this the ‘Library of the Universe’. Now that technology allows me to take images of the highest quality with equipment that takes up very little space and is extremely versatile, I can express my creativity in the best possible way to interpret and translate these precious messages and pass them on through the channels of communication.

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