A new virtual journey in Italy through mountains and waterfalls

Easter Monday at home because of the coronavirus becomes the opportunity to discover wonderful Italian landscapes for a virtual tour from North to South


Let’s start for another of our virtual itineraries in nature, with the idea of ​​foretaste pleasant sensations that we will soon live with our senses and, perhaps, to be able to choose the destination of the next trip. Because this year we are staying in Italy and #ripartiamodallitalia; our tourism, our sea, our culture will save our holidays, our economy, but above all our soul.

It wasn’t bad at all. We live in a wonderful country with spectacular mountains, with the most beautiful waterfalls, with enchanting fauna and flora; a country steeped in culture and history from the greatest monuments and museums to the most hidden and unknown of the narrow streets of our villages and hamlets. We have a splendid sea with dream beaches and, often, crowned by coastal towers and postcard stacks; small and large islands permeated by centuries of human affairs with all their art and architecture and a natural landscape that reveals a close relationship with the human guest.

Much of the pleasure of a trip is condensed in waiting, before leaving: in that moment you can perceive the taste of anxiety to reach the goal; the imagination draws our expectations and the spirit prepares to breathe the sense of freedom and discovery to the end. For this reason, before we can go back to enjoying the first rays of the sun on a beach or going up a mountain, we resume our virtual journey with many new enchanting stages.

First we go to Liguria, where we will make a trip park by park accompanied by a reporter, who is also a very particular narrative voice: the golden eagle. Always present in some Ligurian parks, with its flight, also illustrated by spectacular and exhaustive 3D graphics that well illustrate the complexity of the Ligurian territory, it starts from the extreme western sector reaching the border with Tuscany. A very interesting journey considering the biodiversity of this region, which can boast the contextual presence of three biogeographical regions (alpine, continental and Mediterranean).

The second stop is the Gran Paradiso National Park, the oldest Italian national park, since it was established in 1922. The journey will move to the Colle del Nivolet, an alpine pass (2612 m asl) located in the Graian Alps and within the protected area of ​​the Gran Paradiso National Park. The road to access the hill winds for about twenty kilometers which leads to climb for a thousand meters to the hill, passing through a beautiful landscape and skirting closely two artificial lakes used for the production of electricity. Among brightly colored flowers and bare pointed rocks, the view can be lost in dreamlike natural scenarios.

Also in the Gran Paradiso National Park it is possible to immerse yourself in the wonderful sounds of the mountain: the flowing water, the birds that chirp, the typical noises of the pastures at spring. A melody played completely by nature.

Another click can lead us to the parks and nature reserves of Friuli Venezia Giulia. A landscape with intact marine areas, crystal clear lakes, natural paths that run through wild mountains, with pouring rivers. From the Friulian Dolomites Park to the Miramare marine reserve, from the Giant Grotto to the Marano Lagunare reserve, our going moves in places that jealously guard their natural wonders everywhere: underwater, on land, under land and in the sky .

We can linger a little longer in the Friuli Dolomites Park to observe the snowy mountains, the rivers that elegantly plow the valleys, the villages dominated by the stone and wood constructions, rocks carved out of ice and sculpted by water. A primordial place, which excites in a pure and sincere way.

Finally, you can stop at the Rutor waterfalls in La Thuile, in the Aosta Valley, three impetuous jumps of water that throw themselves into gorges and precipices. It is definitely one of the most suggestive landscape corners of the region. A true spectacle of nature.

For now, our pilgrimage stops, but every good traveler knows that every goal reached is only the beginning of a new departure.

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