Nightsky, a night under the starry sky without sacrificing comfort

Tourists can go glamping in an eco-sustainable structure surrounded by nature at the Camping Tamaro Resort in Tenero

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Glamping, born from the union of the words “glamor” and “camping”, indicates a camping activity practiced without sacrificing comfort. In recent times, more and more people have become passionate about this way of combining holidays in contact with nature with the typical comforts of a tree room or an accommodation facility. There are many ideas and solutions that are studied and proposed in the world for unforgettable glamping.

In the first days of July, the “Night Sky Tamaro” project was presented in Switzerland. The innovative project, promoted by the tourism consultant Elia Frapolli and the architect Paolo Scoglio, allows you to live the living room in a structure that is halfway between the tent and the prefabricated module.

Each housing cell is easy to assemble, as it is made up of prefabricated elements, and has a wooden and aluminum frame; it is covered by a flat or pitched roof and is eco-sustainable, thanks to a floor and a mezzanine in local wood and the presence of a wood-burning fireplace, on request. The septum / woodshed, with which each structure is equipped, is used to collect wood from the surrounding forest.

A double technological membrane in innovative textile material filters the light of day, while still keeping intact the privacy of those inside; at night, lighting is guaranteed thanks to a photovoltaic collection system.

Inside are suspended some textile pockets that are used for planting plant species useful to purify the air or edible plant species at km 0. The transparent cover allows you to observe the sky, a particularly interesting experience at night, when the gaze is attracted from the stars that shine in the dark.

© Camping Tamaro Resort

The project can be viewed on the website of the the ne [s] t studio, a team made up of four professionals specialized in the construction of ecotourism architecture. Their projects range from tree houses to modules for wine tourism in the vineyard, from temporary eco-pavilions to prefabricated houses.

The studio also designed other products, such as the Ecocamp of hanging curtains and modules for ecotourism and micro-receptivity.

The Ecocamp is an eco-friendly basic infrastructure with external convivial areas, piers and eco-modules for the reception, services and fireplace, functional to a system of suspended curtains. The product can be planted in a forest, near a lake or in a vineyard. Through an app the curtains can be purchased or rented; the tents can be increased or decreased based on the request from tourists, but the variation in their number does not impact in any way on the environment and the landscape.

© Camping Tamaro Resort

The modules for ecotourism and micro-receptivity are based on the Ecosuite, an eco-sustainable prefabricated housing module, which uses the most advanced technologies to obtain a low impact on the landscape and the environment and strong energy savings. Like tents, the Ecosuite can also be moved or removed, without leaving a trace on the territory.

Ecosuites can be designed in a basic way, but also in a personalized way to adapt to the particular needs of those who request them. The main characteristic of these structures is their reversibility, that is, the fact that their increase or decrease does not determine any impact on the territory. You can create an Ecoresort by putting several modules together; such a project could come in handy both in the farmhouses and in the woods or vineyards, but also in the bathing establishments.

Interesting ideas that can modify and improve the tourism approach towards the territory, in the name of eco-sustainability and reversibility.

© Camping Tamaro Resort
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