Fiat 500 electric, the new low-emission Italian car

FCA's first step towards transforming the Italian automotive sector towards a low-emission tomorrow

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Not just a car but a style icon. It is the Fiat 500 that, since its launch on the market in 1957, has conquered generations of Italians and beyond. Since then, automotive technology has evolved and looks to an increasingly electrified future to respect the needs of the environment and the need to reduce emissions. With this in mind, FCA is also ready for the green turnaround and presented the new generation of the fully electric Fiat 500, proposed in the launch version “the Prima” in the sedan and convertible variant.

The electric 500 was presented by FCA top management to the head of state Sergio Mattarella. The event, which took place at the Quirinale, was attended by John Elkann, FCA president, Pietro Gorlier, head of European operations, and Olivier Francois, president of the Fiat brand. In the afternoon, the new fifty was also shown to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who tweeted: “An Italian icon embraces the energy transition”.

The electric Fiat 500 is equipped with an 87 kW (118 HP) electric motor that allows the maximum speed of 150 km / h (self-limited) and an acceleration of 0-100 km / h in 9 seconds. It is powered by a 42 kWh lithium-ion battery and allows an autonomy of up to 320 km with a WLTP cycle that can go up to 400 km in city traffic. As for charging, the electric 500 is equipped with a fast charger system with a maximum input power of 85 kW that allows you to restore 50 km of autonomy in just 5 minutes and 80% of the maximum capacity in 35 minutes.

Although the energy consumption of the electric 500 has not yet been communicated, a value between 13.1 and 10.5 kWh / 100 km can be assumed, using data on battery capacity and the number of km that can be traveled according to the Wltp cycle. and in city use.

The shapes of the electric 500 remain similar to those of the traditionally powered sisters despite the increase in body size. The length, in fact, is 3.61 (4 centimeters more), the width of 1.69 (6 centimeters more) while the step measures 2.32 meters (2 centimeters more). The luggage compartment, on the other hand, is 185 liters like the one proposed in the endothermic version.

The presentation of the new electric 500 was an opportunity for FCA to underline again the commitments made on the investment front in Italy and the “transformation of the Italian automotive sector towards a future with low emissions, powered by hybrid and electric vehicles and increasingly connected”.

With “la Prima”, Fiat shows itself in step with the times, presenting itself as a symbol of positivity and restart from a green perspective, focusing on a new dimension of electric and sustainable urban mobility. Reducing emissions, making travel around the city more eco-friendly and, at the same time, offering a product that is in the running to become the new icon of the Italian lifestyle is the mission of Fiat which once again bets on the 500.

Since its outbreak on the market, 63 years ago, the 500 has established itself as a phenomenon of custom. If then it gave birth to mass mobility, today it is a candidate to become the Italian symbol of the sustainable, connected and autonomous car, especially in a moment of severe crisis in the sector.

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