World Bicycle Day: “The bike reshapes the future”

Since 2018, World Bicycle Day has been celebrated every 3rd June worldwide. The aim is to create greater awareness of the social, environmental and personal health benefits of cycling as a means of transport and leisure. ECF (European Cyclist's Federation) and FIAB (Italian Federation for Environment and Cycling) have launched a campaign to achieve a new sustainability in the urban, energy and coexistence fields.


On the occasion of World Bicycle Day on 3rd June (established in 2018 by the United Nations to raise awareness of the social benefits of cycling as a means of transport and leisure), FIAB-Federazione Italiana Ambiente e Bicicletta is launching the “BICYCLE SHAPES THE FUTURE” campaign directly inspired by the ECF-European Cyclists’ Federation’s message* “How will the bicycle shape our future?”

“The world is changing and dependence on fossil fuels is causing enormous damage to the planet, to the global climate, as well as to our peace and security. All of us, ordinary citizens and policy makers, are called upon to make conscious choices: cycling is a fundamental climate, energy, social and urban solution, and as such it must become a priority,” says Alessandro Tursi, president of FIAB, who adds: “Our message for 3rd June is therefore meant to be an explicit invitation to cycle together towards a safer, healthier and more sustainable future.

The last two years have contributed to a new awareness of the importance and opportunities of cycling: more and more people are using two wheels in our cities every day and new financial resources have been allocated to cycling, with more to come, hopefully. In the meantime, the rapid spread of the e-bike, which has expanded the user base enormously, and the advent of cargo-bikes for city deliveries already represent the change taking place.

The bicycle, according to FIAB, is thus truly destined, now more than ever, to redesign the future: of cities and territories, so that they are healthier and with more space for people; of the energy model, which must leave behind the era of fossil fuels and the related geopolitical tensions and wars; and also the future of coexistence on this planet, which must be one of peace both between states and between the people who share urban spaces.


FIAB and ECF’s ‘BICYCLE reshapes THE FUTURE’ campaign will be conveyed on the occasion of World Bike Day on 3rd June 2022 on the web pages and social channels of the Italian Environmental and Cycling Federation and its 200 associations throughout Italy.

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