SmartGreen Post is a blog on environmental issues, from climate change to recycling. You will find lots of news from all around the world and you will always be informed about green economy and new technologies. You can also find advices for a more ecofriendly and healthy lifestyle and for a sustainable tourism.

SmartGreen Post is part of a bigger Green project that includes SmartRicicla, an application for separate collection and recycling available in Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Canada and United States. You can download the app on Play Store, for more information visit the website www.smartricicla.com.

SmartGreen Post is a small contribution to the preservation of our planet, because all of us should act to prevent the catastrophe, everyone in his own small way, with simple but effective actions.


Mario Telesca
Mario Telesca
Computer scientist, sensitive to environmental issues, he has carried out various green projects including SmartRicicla, the app for separate collection. He has always been looking for the perfect union between science and art.

Editorial board

Piera Vincenti
Editor of SmartGreen Post, she has many years of experience as a journalist and copywriter, alongside which she has added new skills in the digital and social media management sectora. With SmartGreen Post she expresses its true ecological nature.
Angelo Rosiello
Geologist, specialized in fluid geochemistry in volcanic and non-volcanic areas, specialist degree from the University of Perugia, in Geological Resources and Risks. I worked in the field of environmental monitoring of the underground waters of the Umbria region and took part in the volcanic surveillance works of the Campi Flegrei in collaboration with the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology. Winner of a PhD scholarship, with a project focused on the issue of terrestrial CO2 degassing.
Claudio Ventura
He has always cultivated a passion for nature and the environment. Thanks to the degree in business administration he was able to specialize and further deepen the concepts of circular economy and industrial ecology. Its goal is to share as much as possible the knowledge necessary to spread the culture of sustainable development.
Francesco Ripullone
Francesco Ripullone is Associate Professor at the School of Agricultural, Forestry, Food and Environmental Sciences of the University of Basilicata, where he holds the chair of the course of Ecology and Dasometry. He is deputy coordinator and Erasmus contact for the degree course in Forest and Environmental Sciences. Prof. Ripullone carries out his research in the field of forest ecology, studying the effects of climate change and natural and anthropogenic disturbing factors on forest ecosystems. He is responsible for several research projects to study the possibilities of forest decline and mortality in the Mediterranean environment. He is the author of about 50 publications in international and national journals, he covers roles in the Editorial Committee of important international journals.
Gaia Lamperti
Gaia is a freelance photojournalist passionate about travel, human rights and environmental issues. After studying and working in the U.S. and Australia, she graduated in Italian Literature at University of Milan and completed a master degree in International Journalism at City University of London.
Ingrid Leka
Ingrid Leka is an asset consultant who helps women in their financial journey with clear and simple language. In her book “La madre di Cappuccetto Rosso era una stronza” she talks about financial concepts through fairy tales. She is very interested in sustainability issues and is committed every day to ensure that her 3 children grow up in a more equitable world represented by both genders. To learn more ingridleka.it
Maria Carmela Padula
Nutritionist Biologist and researcher, she carries out her activity in the province of Potenza after a course of high training in the nutritional field and after having obtained the Master in “Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition”.
Maria Castellaneta
PhD student in “Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences” at the University of Basilicata. The research activity aims to assessing and monitoring the forest vulnerability and its capacity of recovery after the occurrence of extreme climatic events in order to provide informations needed to safeguard the forest systems.
Maria Giuseppina Ferrulli
Archaeologist specialist in late ancient and medieval archeology and teacher of letters.
Cosmetologist and research & development manager.
Alberto Iuzzolino
Passionate about environmental issues, he carried out environ- mental education activities in schools in the Basilicata Region as part of the Legambiente Ba- silcata separate collection edu- cation project.
Stefano Pallitto
Industrial Designer and Graphic Designer specialized after a long experience in the British multinational corporation Virgin Active in marketing and communication campaigns, defining their own brand identity and corporate design for small and medium-sized enterprises for over 15 years.

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