Farewell to the readers, Piera Vincenti
leaves SmartGreen Post


All cycles, even the most fortunate, close. Today is the time for me to say goodbye to SmartGreen Post, which I helped found just over two years ago and which I shaped according to my professional and personal sensitivity.

I have never skimped on commitment, putting my heart in every article, in every post on social media, in every share. And a part of my heart remains here, in what I consider “my creature”, even if I will no longer be the one to guide it around the world.

I go, for decisions independent of my will and my professionalism, but SmartGreen Post remains and inaugurates a new course. I do not know in detail the plans of the property, but I am sure he will not abandon this project, which will continue to work so that it grows even more and becomes more and more a reference point for environmental information.

This is the last article signed by me that you will read here, and I write it not without a hint of melancholy. SmartGreen Post has accompanied me in the last two years of my life, it has been my constant as everything changed around me, it gave me the opportunity to express my ecological nature and to sensitize friends and readers on the importance of respecting the environment and nature. He introduced me to wonderful people: readers, collaborators, protagonists of the stories I have told.

I thank those who gave me the opportunity to direct this blog. I thank the collaborators who dedicate themselves with commitment to the editing and sharing of the articles. I wrote to some personally, receiving certificates of esteem; I greet the others today, reminding them that what they do is not a drop in the bucket. And the sea.

A special thank you also and each of you, our – my – readers who have trusted us. It is you who, with your views, likes and comments, have helped to grow the project and have given me the charge even in difficult moments, when reconciling everything seemed impossible and I wanted to give up.

Now that this wonderful adventure has come to an end, I really realize how much SmartGreen Post means to me and how much it costs me to part with it. I leave with the awareness of having given my best and the hope of having transmitted at least a little of my passion for the environment.

Thanks to each of you!

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